Ûphold Login: Buy & Sell Crypto & Metals | Trade Digital Assets


Uphold is a cryptocurrency platform offering users the ability to buy, sell, and trade multiple assets. Designed for both novice and more advanced cryptocurrency investors, Uphold gives users access to a suite of financial products on a fairly straightforward and easy-to-use platform.


Ability to buy and trade across asset classes

Transparent fee structure

No-fee transactions between assets where the amount transacted is over $100 in value

0% trading commissions


Limited number of cryptocurrencies

No advanced trading features

Relatively high spread fees


Uphold is a cryptocurrency platform that offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services. It allows users to purchase, sell, or trade 250+ cryptocurrencies as well as other assets.

Uphold is transparent about its fees. It has a slightly different fee structure from many other crypto exchanges. There are no commissions, deposit fees, or maker-taker fees. Instead, there are spread fees which are basically a small premium you'll pay over the true market price that allow Uphold to make money. With these spread fees, you might end up paying a higher price than what you might see from competitors. Overall, it could be a good choice for those looking to invest across different asset classes under one platform.

Cryptocurrencies Available on Uphold

Currently, Uphold over 250 currencies for users to buy, sell, and trade on its platform. Available cryptocurrencies include:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Etherium (ETH)

Litecoin (LTC)

Ripple (XRP)

Chainlink (Link)

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Iota (MIOTA)

Trade Experience

Uphold offers a user-friendly trading experience, and customers can make trades via its desktop platform or mobile apps, which are available both on Android or iOS. The user interface is intuitive for those who are new to making trades, which could make it a good option for those just getting started with crypto.

Unlike many competitors, Uphold offers the ability to trade within asset classes, making this platform stand out. Users may also set up recurring purchases using Uphold’s AutoPilot option, which uses dollar-cost averaging to help mitigate some of the volatility of trading in the cryptocurrency market. However, this platform only offers one order type: limit orders. Those looking for additional or more advanced order types will want to look elsewhere. Furthermore, the platform doesn't have advanced charting and other features that are often desired by some traders.


While Uphold offers 0% trading commissions, it charges spread fees for cryptocurrency purchases and sales that customers make on the platform. These spread fees are relatively high and can range from 0.8% to 1.2% for popular cryptocurrencies and go can go beyond this range for lower liquidity cryptocurrencies. Uphold also indicates spread fees may increase during times of market volatility.

There are no withdrawal or deposit fees for personal accounts. Although, crypto network fees might apply when withdrawing to an external wallet as they would with any provider.

While they of course can change with market conditions, Uphold charges the following spread fees on other asset classes:

Action Fee

Fiat currencies 0.2% spread fee

Metals 2% spread fee


Uphold offers industry-standard security measures, including KYC verification and two-factor authentication. The majority of user funds are held offline in cold storage, which is generally more secure than storing funds online in hot wallets. This company also provides users with basic guidance on security best practices and how to recognize and avoid scams.

In addition, Uphold employs a bug bounty program through Intigriti, a third-party security company. Through this program, users can report bugs that they’ve encountered when using Uphold.

Uphold staff members are also required to undergo background checks and participate in routine privacy training to help promote platform security.

Opening an Uphold Account

Signing up for an Uphold account is simple. To start, click on the “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner of the Uphold website. From there, you’ll provide the following information during the initial sign-up process: email address, password, country of residence, and nationality. After that, further information is required to verify your identity including uploading a government ID.

Once you’ve submitted your information and read Uphold’s terms of service, you’ll receive a verification email. After you’ve verified your email address, you can begin using your account.

Customer Service

Uphold doesn’t offer many options for customer service. Users can access a live chat function via the Uphold app. In addition, users can request help via a form on the Uphold website or reach out to the company through its Twitter account.

Customer Satisfaction

Overall, Uphold receives poor marks from customers and has an average 3.2 out of 5-star rating across over 7,572 reviews on Trustpilot. Multiple users mention issues related to communication and account lockouts, as well as delays in authenticating profiles.

Despite a large amount of negative feedback, some reviews of Uphold are positive. Users who praise this exchange mention that they appreciate its product offerings and the overall simplicity of the platform.

Account Management

Uphold users can access their accounts via the company website or its mobile apps. Once logged in, you can use the online dashboard or mobile app to buy, sell, and trade assets; review your portfolio; and more. However, given that Uphold offers few options for customer support, users will likely be mostly on their own with managing their accounts.


Despite its wide selection of cryptocurrencies and advanced security features, Uphold receives poor reviews from customers. Problems with customer service and account lockouts make it a challenging platform for some users.

That said, Uphold’s unique features like multi-asset trading may make it an attractive platform to certain users. However, it’s a good idea to research different crypto exchanges and compare options before you sign up.